Marisa Frost

Professional Information

  • Name : Marisa Frost
  • Title : Medical Esthetician
  • Specialities : Esthetics, Certified Weight Loss Coach

About Me

Marisa graduated with a Master in Esthetics from Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics in Woburn, MA.  Her main focus is on Microdermabrasion and Spa treatments.  Marisa is passionate about nourishing and hydrating your skin while helping you relax from everyday stress.  Education and knowledge are highly important to her as she evolves her craft.

Along with being an esthetician, Marisa is a diet coach. Her love of healthy eating has helped many of our dieter reach their goals. She is always there with a smile and helpful tip on meal preparations.

When not at Align Health, Marisa and her husband enjoys watching their three daughters play hockey.