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A Plan for Success!

It is no accident that people who plan tend to have more success.  This applies not only to diet, but in all aspects of life.  When we fail to plan, we often sacrifice healthy meals for convenience, especially when hunger takes over.  Planning your meals in advance, perhaps on a Sunday afternoon, allows you to put thought into your meals and consider your weekly schedule.  After dragging in dropping dinners, and then veggies into the calendar, print the plan for the dates of the week, and also print a shopping list.  Now you know exactly what you need in the grocery store!  This will save you  money, and calories.

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Paper Dinner Planner Template

Some people prefer to use a pen to paper method.  Use this link, Meal Planner Template to access our weekly template.  Just print, make your plan for the week and do your best to stick to it!  At the end of the week, save the plan for future use.  After you create 3-5 weeks worth of recipes just rotate your saved plans and you are ready for the week!

Sample Meal Plans